Self Development- Meditation

Although it was not my first time, I felt it diffferent this time. I I did it before in one of my classes, but for almost a minute or so. Still felt bored at that time because we used to do it only for one day per week. As a result, I did not get used to it, and I felt more like it is a waste of time. I also felt like way do I wake up at 6 to arrive class 8:30 on time to do this silly activity, so I tried always to be like five minutes late on this class to skip this part. I did not enjoy it at all

Doing meditation for almost a week for more than five minutes was not an easy thing for me at the first two days especially. I felt bored and distrcted easily, and I felt that it takes too long. I felt bored because I am more like an energtic person; I prefer to move around and talk to people or do anything. I do not like to keep sitting and silent because I overthink. everything in my life, so it ends up negatively. This is exactly what happend for the first two days. I could not concentrate only on breathing, I got distracted by anything

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