Algorithms: Make up for classes missed during vacations #2

Algorithms: Make up for classes missed during vacations #2

Movie: Coded Bias

The Most Significant 2-3 Things Learned

The film analyses the ramifications of MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini’s discovery that facial recognition does not reliably recognize dark-skinned faces. Furthermore, the movie attempts to highlight her path in advocating for the first legislation in the United States to prohibit bias in algorithms that affect all of us. As a result, the most essential lesson I’ve taken away from this film is equality, and that no one should be judged based on their coloraturas, appearance, or origins. We did not pick all of that, and we were born with these characteristics, so we must respect one another. We cannot have face recognition that only works on white skin; this is not equality, but how on earth do we allow some people to feel this way, and why do we allow black people to have to buy white masks to be able to have face recognition, as seen in the film? At the end of the day, we’re all people with different skin colors. I remember this is what happened in the What I say when I hear the video; it was almost the same and shared the same idea of being judged on your appearance.Also, I’ve discovered that, while technology has numerous benefits and advantages, it may also have many drawbacks . It’s foolish to make someone feel horrible about herself or himself, and it’s much more hurtful to release biassed software. This world would be a better place if we placed ourselves in each other’s shoes, since it’s not about achieving and doing something no one else has done before; it’s about your principles and respect for others. Like why on earth people do that to themselves to others? Why do we need to have standars for beauty instead of having each one loving her/him self.

How I Might Apply What I Learned in My Life 

I believe that after seeing this film, I will make an effort to be more conscious of the disadvantages and benefits of technology. I’ll concentrate more on the fact that I treat everyone the same, so that no one feels out of place because of some of their characteristics, because this feeling is so unpleasant. I’d like to promote greater awareness about how technology is damaging, as well as equality and appreciating each other regardless of appearance. Also, to make sure to help people love themselves as they are because it is very important to accept yourselfbefore asking others to accept you.

What I Enjoyed From My Exploration That I Would Have Liked to Discuss in Class

I believe I would have asked in class whether they had put themselves in this situation and experienced what others could have felt if this had happened to them. Also, if it happened to someone, how would you behave in such a case if it happened to you? I’d also like to bring up the fact that the film’s focus was primarily on women, and see how they reacted to this. I belive the women questions will lead to a lot of discussions because its a important topic now adays and people have different answers depending on the gender.

To conclude, Media is one of the easiest way to deliver messages, and I hope to see as many imformative films as possible as it is each to reach everyone, and I think this film is so informative and enjoyable because it has a true message that they wanted to raise awareness about and deliver to many people to feel heard.

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